Our company excels in crafting exquisite wedding gifts and decorations, showcasing our expertise in high-quality materials and elegant designs. We have developed a range of products that are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any wedding celebration:

  • K9 Glass Candlesticks & Candle Holders: These luxurious glass items provide an elegant and timeless addition to wedding decor, enhancing the ambiance with their sparkling clarity.


  • Metal Cake Knife & Server: Our finely crafted metal cake knives and servers are perfect for wedding ceremonies, combining functionality with stylish design.


  • Metal Footed Champagne Flutes: These elegant champagne flutes with metal bases are ideal for toasting special moments, offering a blend of sophistication and durability.


  • K9 Glass Giftware: Our collection of K9 glass giftware, including beautifully cut glass ornaments, makes perfect keepsakes and gifts for wedding guests.


  • Metal Candlesticks: Available in various designs, our metal candlesticks add a classic touch to wedding tablescapes, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.


  • K9 Glass Perfume Bottles: These exquisite glass perfume bottles are not only practical but also serve as beautiful decorative pieces, ideal for wedding gifts.


Each product demonstrates our commitment to quality and craftsmanship, ensuring that your wedding celebration is adorned with the finest decorations and gifts.

K9 Glass Candlestick & Candle Holder
Metal Cake Knife & Server
Metal Footed Champagne Flute
K9 Glass Giftware
Metal Candlesticks
K9 Glass Perfume Bottle