Our company has a proven track record of creating exquisite Christmas decorations, tailored to our clients’ specific needs. The products we have crafted include a variety of festive items such as:

  • Silver Plated Metal Ornaments: These luxurious, high-quality ornaments feature intricate designs and a polished silver finish, adding a touch of elegance to any Christmas tree.


  • Mouth-Blown Glass Ornaments: Expertly handcrafted, these glass ornaments come in various vibrant colors and unique shapes, embodying the traditional artistry of holiday decor.


  • K9 Glass Ornaments: Made from high-grade K9 glass, these ornaments sparkle brilliantly under the holiday lights, creating a stunning visual effect.


  • Ceramic Cookie Jars: These beautifully designed ceramic jars, featuring festive motifs like Santa Claus and holiday trains, are perfect for storing holiday treats and adding a cheerful touch to any tabletop in the living rooms.


These products are a testament to our ability to deliver high-end, customizable Christmas decorations that meet our clients’ diverse needs. Whether you are looking for elegant metal ornaments or whimsical ceramic pieces, our range of products ensures there is something for every festive celebration.

Silver Plated Metal Ornament
Mouth-Blown Glass Orn.
K9 Glass Ornament
Ceramic Cookie Jars